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Access Old Navy To Make An Online Payment Of Bill Via Visa Credit Card

The Old Navy is a branch of Gap incorporation which deals with clothing. It provides many online facilities to its customers. Card holders can pay the bills through the Old Navy and also enjoy many other services offered by the company. It is an easy process and takes few minutes for completion. You have to login your registered account on the website and then make a payment of your Old Navy bill through credit card by giving the necessary details and amount to be paid. For this purpose you have to follow the given brief procedure and make an online bill payment.

What Is The Detailed Procedure For The Payment Of Old Navy Bill Online?

Prior to bill payment you have to fulfill the pre-requisite which includes the login credentials and credit card details like credit card number and the PIN code. After the fulfillment of requirements you need to through the given set of instructions to complete the process of bill payment:

  • First of all turn on the computer and open the web browser. Insert t the given URL in the search bar of the web browser and then press  the “Enter” key from your key board to access the website
  • In the next step as you get an access to the web site you have to click on the button which is entitled as “Register your account”.
  • By clicking on the above option you will be directed to another web page where you have to enter the necessary details in the given fields.
  • Then confirm your given data and select a security type and then pick an image in the given field.
  • Give your account summary to complete the process of registration.
  • If you are already a registered member on the website then you don’t need to follow the above steps. You have to simply click on the “Login” tab present on the homepage of the website.
  • After that enter your User id in the first box and the password in the next box followed by hitting the tab of “Login” to access the account.
  • Once you have login your account then you will be shown complete details of your credit card balance and get directed to the bill payment page.
  • Now if you are first time user then you have to set up the bank transfer account for making payment.
  • You need to enter the bank details including nine digit bank routing number, account number and check number in the respective fields.
  • Then enter the account nick name and hit the button of “Next”.
  • Now verify all the given details in the next section and lastly get the confirmation of set up.
  • For the completion of payment you have to select the option of “Make Payment” and then amount of payment and date of submission.
  • Lastly give the credit card or debit card details and complete the process of bill payment.


You can avail the many other benefits from the Old Navy credit card like online bill payment, check the current balance of account or manage your points for shopping at the Old Navy. This online payment of the bills saves your time and you don’t have to wait in the long queue for bill payment.

What Type Of Payment Is Accepted By The Old Navy?

Old Navy accepts VISA, Master Card, American express Card, Discover Card and PayPal card. The Banana Republic Credit Card, Old Navy Credit card and Gap Credit Card are not acceptable because the payment of purchasing through E-card of Old Navy is operated by a third party which is Cash Star incorporation.

What Is Basically Security Code Of Credit Card And Why It Is Needed?

For the protection of credit card from unauthorized transaction company issues a credit card security card. Visa, Master Card and Discover have the code of 3 digits which is printed on signature panel of the card and it follow account number. Security code of American Express card is printed on the top of card number which is present on front side of credit card.

Can I Pay My Old Navy Bill Through Any Other Possible Means?

Yes, you can pay the bill through two ways mentioned below:

  1. Electronic payment.
  2. Online payment.

Is All Of The Provided Information Is Kept Confidential By The Company?

Yes all of the information shared by you is kept confidential by the Old Navy Incorporation.

Contact Us:

You can contact us by adopting any of the given possible way:

  • You can contact with us by calling the customer service center at given number 1-800-653-6289. Our ambassador will be available 24/7 to listen to your problems and then give you proper guide to solve the issue.
  • You can also contact us by sending an email to our official email id and get the response in few minutes regarding your problem.
  • Similarly you can also check the FAQs available at our official website to get the idea about the problems of other customers and get required assistance.
  • Likewise you can connect with us on our social media websites and get the required help from there by following the given links:
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. Tumblr

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