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Apply For The Old Navy Credit Card Online

Old Navy is a very well known retailer store of clothes and accessories which is owned by American multinational firm Gap Incorporation. Old Navy introduces the cards of its company to facilitate the customers like Old Navy credit cards and gift cards and many others. You can apply for the Old Navy credit card through its online website in few minutes. Old Navy credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. You simply have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and ten submit an online application form to get a credit card at your home and then enjoy its benefits like online shopping, bill payment and many others. Follow the following instructions and complete the process.

What Is The Process To Apply For The Credit Card Of Old Navy Online?

Prior to starting you need to fulfill certain requirements which are mentioned below:

  • You must be a legal resident of United States.
  • You must have a tax payer identification number.
  • You should be eighteen years old in order to apply for credit card.

Go through the given set of guides to complete the application process:

  • First of all open your PC an turn its web browser which is available on your system. Input the given URL in the search bar of the web browser to access the website.
  • Then press “Enter” from your key board.
  • As the home page of the website opens you have to click on the option which is labeled as “Apply for Old Navy card”.
  • By clicking on above option you will be directed to another web page where you will get an application form. You have to give the required details as asked in the form.
  • Firstly enter your first name, middle name and last name in the respective fields.
  • Give your address and city name in the given boxes.
  • Now select the state name from the drop down list and then enter the zip code in next box.
  • Enter the home phone number and cell phone number in the given boxes.
  • After that provide the email address in next blank and then mention the annual net income from all the resources in the next blank.
  • Give the time span which you spent at the current location in next box.
  • Now in the next section you need to give some details for the protection of information. Give the date of birth, social security number and mother’s maiden name in the given fields.
  • In the next section you have to select the payment method from the available options of paper statement or electronic statement.
  • Now hit the check box if you want to get optional credit card security program.
  • Click the box if you agree with the terms and conditions of the company and then lastly click on the tab which is entitled as “Secure Submit” to submit your application online.
  • For more queries and help you can visit the help center of the Old Navy website.

Is There Any Sort Of Extra Protection Provided By The Company For Credit Card?

Yes an extra protection is given to the card holder customers after payment of certain dues for joining the Extra protection program during the submission of application.

What Are The Benefits Of Old Navy Credit Card?

Some basic benefits of credit card are that you can enjoy the online shopping and bills payment. Similarly you can also earn the points in the reward program on your credit card to redeem them to get the benefits.

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